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Bear Head A_300(2)

Shauna Richardson – Bear Trophy

Although concept is the foundation of her work, Shauna Richardson presents her ideas in a form that appears to be the antithesis of this. It has long been widely accepted that ‘Anything can be art’. At first glance this notion seems liberating, but perhaps ‘anything’ has its limits. It is this area, around the boundaries […]

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New Hughes Multiples April 2014 (email)[1]_Page_3

Patrick Hughes – Loving

Image – courtesy of Flowers, London / New YorkAbout the artistPatrick Hughes made his first three dimensional relief painting in 1964 – his intention to do the opposite of what was done. Fifty years on, he is still doing so.Exhibiting with Angela Flowers Gallery since its inception in 1970, Hughes’ painted reliefs constantly baffle his […]

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No Bananas - Noel Fielding

Noel Fielding – No Bananas

About the artist Noel has created many of the make up and costume designs over the last ten years for the Mighty Boosh, as well as providing the animated segments and creating and appearing as Vince Noir.His first Solo exhibition at Gallery Maison Bertaux “The Psychedelic Dream of The Jellyfox” was a sell out show, pieces […]

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The Attempt At Personality

Nick Sherratt – Attempt at Personality

Ah, the Walrus! I’m constantly amazed that I live on a planet where such things exist. I saw such a creature at The National Museum of Scotland with the phrase ‘Badly Stuffed’ on the rubric. About the artist Nick Sherratt is a graduate and former Fellow in Painting, of Liverpool John Moores University, who now […]

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Together We Rolled It In Glitter 2 - What The Hell Have You Been Eating

Nick Sherratt – Together We Rolled It In Glitter

It was inspired by the comedian Andrew Maxwell as he left the stage, he used the phrase ‘It may not’ve been great but hey, together, we rolled it in glitter’ and this image struck me like a knock to the head.

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Michael Ward - Beatles Cavern 1963

Michael Ward – Beatles in the Cavern – Lennon & McCartney

In November 1963, Michael Ward was commissioned by Honey Magazine to photograph an up and coming group called The Beatles, in and around their hometown of Liverpool. He spent a day with them, culminating in recording their performance at the Cavern Club. The photographs taken that day remain a rare and unique record of the […]

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Jonathan Gent – Greensleeves

Jonathan Gent was born in 1976 in the Northgate Arms a public house in Cheshire, England. Here, he learned to drink and eat and draw. He studied very hard. Seldom slept. After studying at The Cheshire School of Art and The Edinburgh School of Art respectively, he then worked and lived in various countries… never remaining more than […]

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John Stoddart – Catherine Zeta Jones – dancing at the Dorchester Hotel, London

” Taken in 1992, I was a good friend with Catherine then, a beautiful young woman, full of life, and great fun! One day, she said, John, I really need to change my image, I need to move on, out of my TV life, I want to be a movie star! Within days, I had […]

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John Humphreys – Ipsius Imago a latere extensa

I have always had a fascination with the human figure and how artists have approached portrait sculpture and painting throughout the ages, from Greek and Roman to Lucien Freud. I was initially drawn to the film industry to fund my studies at the Royal Academy Schools and after graduating continued to work on many film […]

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