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Yoko Ono

#100acorns Yoko Ono (New York, born Tokyo 1933) is a multi-media artist who constantly challenges the traditional boundaries of art. Known for her groundbreaking conceptual and performance pieces, experimental films and music, Ono’s creative influence and prolific artistic output continues to inspire new generations. In 2009, she was the recipient of the prestigious Golden Lion Award […]

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Shauna Richardson

British artist Shauna Richardson is quickly becoming something of a sensation in the art world. Conceived as an exploration of art theory, Crochetdermy is a unique accessible body of work employing the traditional craft of crochet to create realistic life-size animal sculptures. Richardson has attained much recognition for her Crochetdermy pieces such as the Guardian […]

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Dallas Seitz

Dallas Seitz is a Canadian artist collected by Saatchi and Zabludowicz. He lives and works in London. Seitz uses sculpture, video, and photography to explore issues surrounding colonisation, museology and biography. Seitz studied at the Juilliard School of Performing Arts New York, Alberta College of Art Calgary and the Chelsea College of Art London. Seitz […]

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John Squire

John Squire’s artwork has a legacy dating back over twenty-five years. When asked at his inaugural exhibitions in 2007 ‘When did you start to paint again?’ the answer, very clearly was ‘I never stopped’. These paintings, like the man, have been the activities of a reclusive obsessive, driven to create through the primitive gesture of […]

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John Stoddart

John Stoddart Born in Liverpool, has been a sought out photographer for more than twenty-five years and has published two photography books, It’s Nothing Personal and Peep World, both of which explored the elusive world of fame. His work has been exhibited in several galleries and museums, world-wide, including The Vault Gallery in Hollywood and […]

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Stuart Sutcliffe

Stuart Sutcliffe was born in Edinburgh on the 23rd of June 1940, and was raised there until the age of 3 – thereafter in England. His father was an engineer officer in the Merchant Navy; his mother was a school teacher. His art career began early on when he created works of art for his […]

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Klaus Voormann

Klaus Voormann, born in Berlin, April 29,1938. Graphic designer, illustrator, musician, producer. Two grammys and many international awards. Amongst other´s for the Beatles album cover Revolver (1966) and participation in George Harrison’s Concert for Bangladesh (1971). Member of Manfred Mann Band and of John+Yoko´s Plastic Ono Band. Worked for many years as a musician in […]

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Stephen Walter

Born 1975. Currently Lives and Works in London The work of Stephen Walter (Born 1975) is an investigation into the phenomena of place. Each work is an intricate world in itself; a tangle of words and symbols that make up a complex of hidden meanings and wider contradictions. Through mainly drawing, photography and printmaking, his […]

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