Jay Batlle

Jay Batlle’s work has been exhibited at galleries and museums including The Chelsea Museum, Exit Art, The Dorsky Gallery in New York, the Ausstellungshalle Zeitgenössische Kunst in Münster Germany, and at the National Museum of Fine Arts, Santiago de Chile. He is represented by 1000eventi gallery in Milan, Italy and works with Nyehaus, in New York.

Jay Batlle’s epicurean paintings, drawings, and sculptures take the habits of the gourmet as a source of inspiration and social commentary. He belongs to a generation of American artists who have responded to the precepts of minimalism and conceptualism. These artists aim to recreate the image and the social process in art, providing a channel for imaginary and everyday experience and forcing academic conventions to confront mass culture. The artist asks: What is the true meaning of art, getting to the top of the social economic ladder or having enough to eat?

Maybe the ‘world’s best doodler’
New York magazine