Shauna Richardson – Coyote

Although concept is the foundation of her work, Shauna Richardson presents her ideas in a form that appears to be the antithesis of this.
It has long been widely accepted that ‘Anything can be art’. At first glance this notion seems liberating, but perhaps ‘anything’ has its limits. It is this area, around the boundaries of art, that Richardson explores.

About the artist
Internationally acclaimed artist Shauna Richardson invented the term Crochetdermy® to describe her realistic life-size animal sculpture created using crochet.
Richardson has created many prestigious works including Cultural Olympiad commission The Amazing Lionheart Project. Lionheart, the biggest single handed crochet sculpture in the world, consisted of three twenty five foot hand-crocheted lions housed in an illuminated glass lorry that toured the country in 2012.
Richardson recently unveiled ‘BOJO’ a portrait of Boris Johnson as blond gorilla at The Chelsea Flower Show 2014.
This is the second Crochetdermy® piece created based on a person, the first being Prince Harry as a ginger baboon commissioned by the Guardian Weekend magazine for their feature ‘Very Very Unofficial Royal Portraits’.