Chris Bracey/Christian Furr – Boogie Nights

Vladimir Lenin was enthusiastic about new mass communication technology like the radio and the gramophone and its capacity for educating Russia’s mostly illiterate peasant population. What would he have thought of the 12″? The artists have taken what would have been propaganda art in Lenin’s head , blinged it up with chrome electroplating and given it a new spin – on the dancefloor. A new body too – Art Frankenstein. Lenin was as revolutionary as Giorgio Moroder’s synthesizer. Inspired by the aestetic of the exquiste corpse -the idea of Lenin and disco is absurd as Salivador Dalis lips sofa. Thank you Luis Buñuel. The Beatles reminded Russia there was such as thing as freedom. This celebrates the liberating effect on mind of music & art in culture in a surreal and totally unique way.